Tropical Island Percent sign

Product no.: JDC-TRP-004

Available on Firm Order

Production and delivery period 4-6 weeks - For faster delivery please contact us


Sizes: W3m x D2m x H2m

"Apart" lady mannequin white, arms behind,Woman mannequin Elegant, Decorative bird toucan, Artificial bamboo tree, Bast curtain, Decorative fan palm leaf, Decorative areca palm leaf, Artificial philotondron leaves, Monster tendril, Artificial flower head hibiscus, Strelizie, Hibiscus branch, Artificial hibiscus tendril, platform, Percent sign,
Hanging elements includes: 3D percent sign, 3D percent sign, Decorative areca palm leaf, decorative bird toucan, Artificial hibiscus orange

USAGE: Indoor 

This product is suitable for shopping centers, retail, hotels, restaurants and event companies.

You will receive the technical drawing and assembly instructions with the delivery of the goods.

* Prices do not include assembly and transport costs

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